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Quality control activity comprise of inspection as all steps i.e. Incoming, Process & final Inspection by qualified team of educated & experienced personnel to take every care to supply quality goods to our customers as per their requirements.


Forgings, Bolts, Nuts, Bushes & dowel Pins are checked as per control plan for dimensional & metallurgical aspects. We have fully equipped laboratory where chemical analysis, micro structure & hardness are checked as per “IS” or “CUSTOMERS” standards.


In process inspection is carried out at all operational stages of production as per process control by experienced Q.C. Engineers. Latest instruments (duly calibrated) are used for inspection at all stages like micro meters, precision height gauges, dial bore gauges having least count of 1 micron, go & no go plug gauges, thread plug gauges etc.


Inspection of each & every batch of particular Connecting Rod is carried out at 100% level for the criteria mentioned below :-

-Big end & small end diameters.

-Big end & small end width.

-Visual inspection & weight verification

Rejected pieces from each stages are marked with red colour to avoid mix up & then sent to the scraps yard.

The continuous improvement on quality standard by implementing process control, and prevention techniques as well as improving manufacturing facilities is one of the part of quality control process.


Connecting Rod passes through the following stages of packing :-

-Washing in washing machine followed by dryer.

-Coating of rust preventive oil. Packing in Plastic bag, Corrugated box & further as per customer's requirements.